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>> Ownership - Central Government/Public Sector
Sector Air Transport Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 18613072
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2017  |  183 Days to go View Tender Details
Application For Registration Of Contractors (for Electrical, Mechanical & Service Works) (for Works Upto Rs. One Crore) - Lt Electrical Works Ii) Ht Electrical Works Iii) Air Conditioning Works Iv) Compressed Air Pipelines V) Crane, Manpower Supply For Various Works Ii) Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance Works Iii) Telecom Maintenance Iv) Comprehensive Maintenance For Ac Equipments.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 19758555
Closing Date 25 - Dec - 2016  |  87 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of Valve Spares (case,plug,stem&guide), Cage(17-4ph)For Vhd 6"Xcv,Pb,Va3d, Cage (55316st) For Vdc 6"X5", Pb, Va3r, Cage(17-4ph) For Vdc 14"X 14",, Cage(55316st) For Vdn 14" X Cv=600,, Cage (17-4ph) For Vsc 3"X 2.5,, Cage (055316st) For Vsn 4" X Cv=54, Cage(17-4ph) For Vsc 4"X 2" , Va25d, Fb, Cage(17-4ph)For Vsc 4" X 3", Va2d, Ph, L, Cage (17-4ph) For Vsc 4" X, Cage (17-4ph) For Vdc 4" X 3",, Cage (17-4ph) For Vdc 4" X 2", Fb,, Plug With Stem (17-4ph) For Vhd 6", Plug With Stem (17-4ph) For Vdc 6" X 5", Plug With Stem (17-4ph) For Vdc 14"X14", Plug With Stem (553165t) For Vdn-14"Xcv, Plug With Stem & Cage (ss316st), Plug With Stem & Cage(Ss316st)Vdc12"X10", Plug With Stem & Cage (17-4ph)vhd 2"Xcv, Gasket Set For Vdc 8"X8" Dpa1m,Fcv-0657, Gasket Vsd 6"X5" Va3r,Lcv 0756, Gasket For Vsc 3"X2.5"Va2r,Lcv-0745, Gasket Vdn 14"Xcv-600,Spa2m Lcv-0326b, Gasket For Vdc 10"X10",Vasd,Lcv-0768, Set Of Gasket V-595 For Vhd 2"Xcv-10,Pb,, Gskt Bbu 3.01.01e,H2 Seal,Te&Ee H2 Coolr, ~gasket Bbu No 3.01.01d For Stage 3, ~gasket Bbu No 3.01.01b Stage 3, Gasketvar01generatordrg0139120101700-102, Dummy Shaft For Tg Package St-Ii, Perbunan Sealing Gasket 41391201070, Gasket U Bbu No 3.01.01c, O-Ring 842x5.7 01142105000/059, Caf Gasket 01142801000/030, Arm Right Nrv 400 Cl 300 931171200000, Knock Pin Part No 931171830000, Bonnet Part No 931172370000, S.W.Gskt For Nrv 200 Cl 600 974600090000, Gasket For Jacking Oil System 11936/03, Gasket For Duplex Lub Oil Sys. 11934/03, O-Ring 30x2.65 01160505000/055, Internel Fan 46107-C-421-41, Tube Plg,Lp Heater 1,Stg3 Bbu 2.108.05, Caf Gasket Sh3x 1000x1000 Drain Cooler, Reflex Type Levelgauge Glass For Deaerat, Gskt&Seal C.F.Coler O Ring 01650870004, Gskt&Seal C.F.Coler 6x15x49001650870004, Caf Gskt Dia 438/358,T=1.6 01650170011, Gskt &seal C.F.Cooler O Ring 01650870004, Gaskt D31/22 T=2,Glnd Stm,Lub Oil Cooler, Rubr Sealng Rng Dia 475*8,Glnd Stm Coolr, Packng Dia 22/15 T=2 For Glnd Stm Cooler, Gaskt Dia 589/514, T=1.6,Glnd Stm Cooler, Gaskt Dia 320/257, T=1.6,Glnd Stm Cooler, Gasket Bbu No 2.96.15,Gland Steam Cooler, Gaskt Dia 158/104 T=1.6 Glnd Steam Coolr, Gaskt Dia212/158 T=1.6,Glnd Steam Coolr, Gasket Dia 20/13, T=3,Gland Steam Cooler, Gskt Bbu No 2.96.35,Glnd Stm Cooler Stg3, Gaskt Bbu No 2.96.30glnd Stm Coolr,Stg3, Pack Bbu No 2.96.29,Glnd Stm Cooler,Stg3, Gauge Glass Mounting For Dozing Tank, Deleted Gasketfor One Dgset Ar 32247965, Deleted Cylinder Liner Ar 3241328 K4/02, Deleted Gaskets Set 3175856 Ar-30, Deleted Cap Screw Main Bearing 181211 C2,, Platen Input Socket Drg No 440,441,&442, Thermostat Socket (3 Hole Type), Pilot Light Bakelite Body&Neon Bulb 220v, Output Socket&Bakelite Ins25a/440v-3p+E, Plug&Bakelite Ins 25a/440v-3p+E, Resistance-100kohm, 2w, Chhannel Card (PROCON)-2111(2040), Isolator Card 2203(Procon), Repeat Relay Card 4000(Procon), Chute Block Switches 240v, 5amps, Soleid V/Vs32 Nb(9100f304/54/56)., Thermal Switch(P/N-A-900516-11), Carbon Brush Holder - A-Ii 270 X 25mm, Coil, On-Off Switch, Inddicating Camp, Spring Flat, Coil Spring, Selector Switch, Voltage Regulator, Silicon Rectifier, Blank Of Chp, Slow Blow Fuse 0.315amp, Heating Element (PNO F Of Drg No 442), Heating Element (PNO F Of Drg No 440), Heating Element (PNO F Of Drg No 441), Thermostat Ss Capilary Tubing N250v/10aa, Limit Switch Sprocket-I, Limit Switch Sprocket-Ii, Thrust Cam Unit&Shaft (P2/P3), Position Cam Unit&Shaft (P2/P3), Operating Cam 30 D., Fan Outlet Flex Connect V2 325x450x150l, Solenoid Valve 65nb, Fan Inlet Flexible Connect V3 Q1390x150l, Fan Inlet Multilouvre Damp 500x700x250mm, Supply Of Air Grill Type-I, Sup Air Gril With Std Volum Cntrl Damber, Sprocket For Asbove Rotary Air Lock, Sprocket For Above Gear Motor, Fan Outlet Flex For 3,4,7 670sq X150 L, Fan Outlet Flex Connect De-5 750sqx150l, Faninlet Flex Conect De 3,4,7,8 800x150l, Slide Rail Existing De 3,4,7&8 F/S 280m, Solenoid Valve 25 Nb For Dust Super Sys, Supply Of Air Grill Type-Ii, Fan Inlet Flex Connect De 500x150l, Fan Inlet Flex Connection V2 425x150l, Fan O/Let Flex Conect V3 1475x1060x150 L, Slide Rail Existin
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 19758555
Closing Date 25 - Dec - 2016  |  87 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of Sockett 3 Pin Type For Thermostat Cable, Plug 3 Pin Type Forthrmostat Cable, Brass Disc 060-0624-016-A3, Thrustor For Stormlock, Brake(Ebtm200/D)With Thrustor(Et240/M), M S Sleeve Couplg, Size 300 Nb Bs Type, 10x45deg Elbow Part 721 X(Aph-Ct)St-2, 8x8x8-45deg Lateral (ESP- C.T.) St-2, Inlet Segment 1524d Prim. Collec. St-2, Aeration Unit Air Lock Tank Dry Ash St-2, Valve Seat Rubber Lined, Valve Frame, Pneumatic Actuators, Pneumatic Cyl. Am/9100/252/G/Spl, Pneu. Cyl.400nb Ash Series Suc. V/V St-2, Pneumatic Cylinder Am/960/222/G,, Venturi For Bag Filter Of Silo, Air Cylinder M/9140/1045/Bg/Spl, Ash Handling & Ash Brick Plant Fly Ash E, Deletedaci Reducer 350 X 300nb L=930mm, Deletedend Cover Set Screw Pn.D027me62 E, Deletedcover Plate Part No.E4015me63 6, Deletedbearig Spacer Ar 300/750a, Sam As, Seal Kit For Pneu. Cyl. 400nb Kgv St-2, Joint Rng,Pn.Gps65372s10,Smp Drn Pmp St2, Brg Seal Smp Drain Pmp,Pn.Vd0892s10 St-2, Spigot Rng,-Gps65211r26 Smp D. Pmp St-2, Deletedcasing Liner Smp Pmp Pn.P 9210330, Deletedcasing,Clean W-P/P Et Iso17 100x6, Deletedbrng Hou.Silo Cln W/P Et Iso17,10, Deletedneck Ring,Cln W P/P Et Iso No17,1, Ba Overflow Slg Pmp Implr With Wear Part, Deletedlantern Ring Set,8md 80/205 Lpsw, Deletedbrng Hsng Set,9md100/250 Hpsw Pmp, Deletedbrng Housing Fahp Pmp,Sdb 200/250, Companion Flange Cast Basalt 350nb Pipe, Ceramic Lined Bends 30 Of Radius 1500mm, 60 Degree Bend Radius 1500mm Pipe, Cast Baslt Liner200x200x23mm 063-50-09r1, Ceramic Lined Bend 45deg. Of 1500mm Rad, Castbasalt Linerplate 48-1430209-003-018, Castbasalt Linerplate48-143-02-09003-019, 8 X 22 1/2 Degree Elbow Part No 718, Deletedaci Y Lateral 100x45deg -061-1001, Draft Eleminat. Blade 1000mm 060-304-019, Drift Eliminator-6x146x1750mm, Drift Eleminat.Blade 1250mm For Ct, Drift Eleminat.Blade 1750mm For Ct, Acb Distri. Pipe 520mm Pn.96-4047-401, Acb Distribtn Pipe 2400mm Pn.96-4047-101, Clamping Ring Segment For Ct Fan-1514-09, U Bolt For Fanblade For Cooling Tower, Hub & Blade Assy Hp-6-8 10mr Dia, Hub For Fan Blade Assly. For Stage-Ii, Air Vent Plug, Deletedheader Lateral For Acf / Sac /MB, Deletedgear Box, V400/-30, Controller With All Fittings & Fixture, Fan & Cowl For Gear Box ;V-400 30:1, Fan & Cowl For Gear Box ;U-400, 50:1, Fan & Cowl For Gear Box ;V-700 25:1, Resching Ring Polypropyline 38x38x1.5mm, Deletedfilter Elements 25 Microcon, Straight Grinder Cap-125mm(5)Pwr I/P570w, 1.5 Mtr Bed Length Fbm-3000, Deleted Hose -0711401006, Deleted 0700222434 'O Ring, Deleted 070005160 'O Ring, Deleted Link 1783211121, Deleted Link 1783211131, Deleted Shaft Assly 175 71 00361, Deleted Seat Valve Stem 6127414541, Holder 1752731282/ 1752731282, Roto Seal 452121.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 19758555
Closing Date 25 - Dec - 2016  |  87 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of Major Repair Kit 1039 Z 3, Cam Clutch 15 Z 222 D1, Pin 19p 76 C1 ( Tata 655), Roller Assly. 13t 216c 1f1, Roller (CRAWLER) 3213 N5, Bushing 5 T 1584, Roller (CRAWLER)3213 N6 F1, Pinion Shaft 3201 P 11, Bushing 5p8c1, Double Flange Roller 321316t102, Collor Lower Card 13n242f, Sheve 7p83f-7p869, Single Flanged Roller 3213nsf1, Bushing St 7c1, Bushing St3068, Seal Assy 45z121, Thrust Washer 18t5694, Roller Lower Cord/13n242f1, Main Jawclutch/115ng92, Pin 3219t87, Bushing 5t1333c1, Deletedaxle Front Right, Deletedbrake Lining 14.3mm Std.257342336, Deletedspring Rear Ii -0423240412J, Deletedvhp Is High Performance Sealed Ea, Absolute Filter, Microvee Filter Size 600mmx410mmx150mm, Microvee Filter Of Ahu (DRY Type), Deletedcap Screw(1/2-13x1.3/4 In) 150321, Deletedair Valve 10240494(Dlw Cyl Head, Deletedcompression Piston Ring Dlw. P.10, Deletedmain Piston Five Groves Dlw.P1014, Deletedscrapper Piston Ring Dlw P.No.102, Deletedcompression Piston Ring Dlw.P1024, Deletedbearing Shel Confcting Rod.101500, Deletedoil Seal For Shaft As Per Dlw P.1, Deletedlub Oil Cooler 10240779(Dlw), Deletedhousing Assly Luboil Filter-Pno10, Deletedcap Screw 3/8-16x1 In Long 150310, Deletedfuel Injection Tube 10050243(Dlw), Deletedgasket For Glow Rod As Per Dlw P1, Deletedorng Fuel Inj Tue Cyl Head 101708, Deletedhose Flex For Inlet & Outlet 1132, Deletedhose Flex Filter To Header 113279, Deletedhose, Flex.Relief Valve Engine 11, Deletedgskt Brach Pipe To Header 1017058, Deletedwater Pump Assy 10070394, Deletedgasket After Cooler Centering As, Deletedgasket Seal Plate To Frame 101702, Deletedgasket Wp Discharge Pipe Dlw P 10, Deletedgasket Wp Discharge Pipe Dlw P101, Deletedo Ring Spline Shaft 10171277(Dlw), Deletedgskt Housing And Support P No:101, Deletedoil Seal Fan Drive Assy 10171228, Deletedbrg Roler Idler Shft Engine Pno:1, Deletedcasing Water Pump-101290970(Dlw)W, Deletedradiator Fan Dlw Ptno 11420273, Deletedhose Flex. Water To Gi Casing 113, Deletedhose Flex Water From Gi Casing 11, Deletedcap Scrw Air Elbow (5/8-11X2 In L, Deletedgaskt Air Elbow To After Cooler 1, Deletedcap Scrw Air Elbow After Cooler 1, Deletedgskt Spcr To Aftr Colr Hous 10170, Deletedshaft-Fan Drive-10211810(Dlw), Deletedgear Drive Fan Drive-10140955(Dlw, Deletedgskt At Pipe&Below Cnectrs 101705, Deletedexhaust Manofold Asembly Dlw P100, Deletedexhaust Manifold Pip(Upper)101226, Deletedgskt V/V Levr Casing To Cly Head1, Deletedcap Scrw Cover 1/2-13x2 In Hex He, Deletedcap Screw Elbow (5/8-11X2-1/2 In, Deletedgas Inlet Casing 10080636(Dlw), Deletedshim,Bearing Carier Main Casng P1, Deletedring Bearing Carrier 10211822(Dlw, Deletedbearing Carrier (B E) 10121183(Dl, Deletedbering B.End Super Chargr Rotor 1, Deletedbearing 10211779(Dlw), Deletedbearing Carrier (T.E.) 10122734(D, Deletedthrust Bearing Dlw Pt.No. 1012275.
Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 19734947
Closing Date 19 - Dec - 2016  |  81 Days to go View Tender Details
Surveys (pre-engineering, pre-construction/ pre-installation and post-installation) Design, Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Load out, Tie down / Sea fastening Tow-out/Sail-out, Transportation, Installation, Hook-up, Testing, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of entire facilities as described in the bidding documents for Neelam Redevelopment and B173 AC Project for the following facilities: a) NLG Process Platform Bridge connected to existing NLP Platform. PGC package of 1.71 MMSCMD capacity complete with coolers and KOD HP Separator. b) 03 Nos. of New well head Platforms: NLM 12 with six slots NLM 13 with six slots B173 AC with nine slots c) 03 Nos. of Clamp-on NLM 5, NLM 6 and NLM 8 d) Pipeline segments: NLM 12 to NLG: 12 (Oil) 5.1 Kms Approx. NLM 13 to NLG: 12 (Oil) 8.2 Kms Approx. B173 AC to B173 AB: 12 (Oil) 5.3 Kms Approx. NLG to NLM 12: 6 (Gas) 4.2 Kms Approx. NLM 10 to NLM 13: 6 (Gas) 4.2 Kms Approx. B173 AB to B173 AC: 6 (Gas) 5.3 Kms Approx. e) Topside Modifications on existing Platforms (NLM 5, NLM 6, NLM 8, NLM 9, NLM 10, NLP, NLW and B 173 AB).
Sector Telecommunication Services / Equipments Tender Value Rs. 1.26 Million approx. / 12.66 Lakh approx.
Location Karnataka - India Ref.No 16123222
Closing Date 10 - Dec - 2016  |  72 Days to go View Tender Details
Comprehensive Maintenance Contract Of Window Split Air Conditioners Units In Various TE Bldgs In BGTD Under ESD-VI, (Excluding Major Bldgs Under Operation Maintenance).
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Rajasthan - India Ref.No 19748538
Closing Date 25 - Nov - 2016  |  57 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of abrasive rail cutter, decorative thermosetting synthetic resin bonded laminated sheet, flap door arrangement complete, pre fabricated retrofitable sliding door, FRP glass shutter assembly, maintenance kit, resister dynamic breaking grid, non fan tap, POH kit, equalizing stay, solid state temperature controller electronic thermostat confirming, spares of G.M loco, static battery charger, roof mounted package unit complete, PVC flooring vinyl, liquefied petroleum gas type, load control card/ governor.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 19505697
Closing Date 17 - Nov - 2016  |  49 Days to go View Tender Details
Design, Development, Manufacture, Supply, 2.0 Lightning Arrestors 25 KV, AC 2.2 II type. #*. 1.0 Traction transformer complete with cooling system accessories like H.T. #*. cable, current transformer, thermostat etc. and related protection equipment. #*. 2.0 Lightning Arrestors 25 KV, AC 2.1 I type. #*. Vacuum Circuit Breaker AC with earthing switch. #*. Pantograph complete suitable for AC application with mounting insulators and necessary control valves. #*. 5.0 Main Traction Converter/Inverter Equipment Complete With Dc Link, Pre- Charging Resistor, Contactors, Filters Required For Harmonic Suppression, Microprocessor Based Controls, Power Control Cables And Including Cooling System Ht Compartment Inter Lock System And Brake Electronics Control Unit Suitable For 5.1 Axle Hung Nose Suspended Traction Motor.
Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 15958190
Closing Date 14 - Nov - 2016  |  46 Days to go View Tender Details
Registration Of Vendors For Professionalised Services - Integrated Facility Management, Management Of Holiday Homes, Transit Flats, Canteen Services, Vehicle Hiring Services, Housekeeping Services, Pest Control Services, Tank Cleaning Services, Exterior Cleaning Services, Photocopy Services, Courier Services, Architectural Consultancy Services, Interior Consultancy Services, Electrical Consultancy Services, Hvac Consultancy Services, Structural Consultancy Services, Legal Consultancy Services, Civil Works, Water Proofing Works, Painting Works, Structural Works, Lt Electrical Works, Ht Electrical Works, Lighting Works, Carpentry Works, In Terior Works (hard Furnishing Works), Soft Furnishing Works (curtains/ Linen/ Upholstery/Blinds, Etc.), Plumbing And Sanitation Works, Petroleum Products Pipeline Works, Fire Protection System Works, Access Control System, Cctv System, Sound System, Hvac Works, Telephone/Epabx Works, Event Management Services, Hiring Of Audio Visual Equipment For Meetings/ Events, Printing Works On Banner/ Backdrop/ Standees/ Signages/ Boards Etc., Horticulture Works, Flower Decoration Services, Maintenance Services For Company Owned Cars, Centralized Ro System, Epabx And Telephone Systems, Fire Safety Audits, Electrical Safety And Energy Conservation Audits, Repair And Maintenance Of Air Conditioning Units, Providing Manpower Services, Government Approved Valuer Services, Photography And Videography Services, Providing Elevators, Supply Of Printed Stationery, Table Stationery, Photocopy Paper, Printer Cartridges, Packed Water, Packed Lunch, Utensils/ Crockery/ Cookware/Serveware, Uniform, Housekeeping / Disposable Material, , Toiletries, , Electronic Items (refrigerator/ Tv/ Home Appliances, Etc.), It Equipments (printer, Projector, Etc.), Branded Furniture, Electrical Materials For Facility Maintenance, Civil/Plumbing Materials For Facility Maintenance, Carpentry Material For Facility Maintenance, Soft Furnishings.
Sector Paper and Paper Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 19580500
Closing Date 12 - Nov - 2016  |  44 Days to go View Tender Details
Expression of Interest For Empanelment Of Vendors For Supply & Services. #1. Annual maintenance contract of computer. #2. Annual maintenance contract of diesel generator set. #3. Annual maintenance contract of Passenger lift. #4. Annual maintenance contract of Photo software. #5. Annual maintenance contract of photo ware dam software. #6. Annual maintenance contract of UPS. #7. Annual maintenance contract of Fire fighting work. #8. Service for Architectural Consultant. #9. Cab services. #10. Contractor For Civil & Repair Works. #11. Contractor for electrical works. #12. Contractor For HVAC Works. #13. Courier service. #14. Fire Fighting Services. #15. Service for project management consultant. #16. Consultants for professional services relating to legal, HR, statuary compliance and standard operating procedure ( sop manual). #17. Tender for PTI website maintenance. #18. Contract for Security Services. #19. Tender for Air Tickets, Forex Services. #20. Tender for Caterer & Canteen Services. #21. Service for General Insurance, Group Mediclaim Policy. #22. Supply of Fire Fighting Equipments. #23. Tender for Interior Works & Furniture. #24. Service for News Paper Distributor. #25. Supply of computer accessories & repair. #26. Tender for Horticultural Works. #27. Supply of laptops, computer etc. #28. Providing of Hindi Bhasha Software. #29. Supply of petrol & diesel. #30. Supply Of Printing & Stationery Items. #31. Supply of CCTV. #32. Supply Of Ink Cartridge And Tonner.
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