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Tender CorrigendumDeadline has been changes from Oct 25 2021 12:00AM to Nov 12 2021 12:00AM
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Tender CorrigendumDeadline has been changes from Oct 7 2021 12:00AM to Oct 25 2021 12:00AM
Tender Corrigendum PublicationCompany Web Site - Internet
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Product Detail : Supply of 132 items of ko group, joint air cooler es6031d-7533510000, speed indicator(0-1250)rpm 96x96-90d es6031d-7552605000, leakage pipe es6031d-7438206000, capillary thermometer 100mm dial 150deg. c es6031d-7597121000, o ring es6031d-7926023000, fuel feed pump leak connection es6031d-7438138000, o ring es6031d-7904630000, mechanical seal for snh-80 r-46 es6031d-7451414000, 2 stage marine air intake filter es6031d-7551310000, washer es6031d-7911909000, overspeed air solenoid valve (241 no 24v) es6031d-7972004000, engine speed indicator (light) es6031d-7597140000, temp sensor with connector ek3010b-7451704000, pr. switch, 4140-c-k-1-e-22-aa0,4.6b es6031d-7552513000, pressure transmitter p5r 0-40 bar es6031d-7552520000, pressure indicator 0-40bars es6031d-7596305000, thrust -stopper es6031d-7904611000, screw set nut washer es6031d-7966506000, air cooler outlet conn.hose es6031d-7551901000, pr. switch 1.2bar min. es6031d-7552506000, pr. switch, 4140-c-k-1-e-21-aa0,3.0b es6031d-7552511000, pr. switch, 4140-c-k-1-e-22-aa0,4.1b es6031d-7552512000, pressure transmitter p5r-6bar-4-20-1/2-pe es6031d-7552519000, temp switch tcm96p 40deg c decreasing es6031d-7552527000, pressure indicator 0-4 bars es6031d-7596302000, pressure indicator es6031d-7596303000, leakage pipe es6031d-7438204000, stop ring es6031d-7905317000, extension jaeger make-532471 es6031d-7926006000, pneu/pneu iso distributor es6031d-7596333000, link for rack ek3010b-7904607000, pin for rack (bar) ek3010b-7904606000, conduct for bearing temperature(tgos) es6031d-75352030000, duplex pressure gauge 0/6 0/10 bar es6031d-7596373000, press.sw. (item no.17 of engraved ckt) es6031d-7596702000, f/w circulating pump suction pressure gauge -1 to +1 es6031d-7597117000, copper washer 8x22x1.5 es6031d-7903805000, washer es6031d-7904004000, hex socket countersunk(flat)head capscrew m6x16din7991 g8.8 es6031d-7904638000, rocker arm bush ek3010b-7221302000, coupling - holder ek3010b-7904612000, antisplash piece es6031d-7904624000, sealing joint es6031d-7911905000, o ring es6031d-7925241000, temperature indicator q72-240,100deg.c es6031d-7552536000, bush es6031d-7900107000, interrupter type switch es6031d-7926002000, nut m6x1 gr.8 es6031d-5000606000, leakage pipe es6031d-7438205000, press. indicator(4-20 ma, 72x72) 0-25 bar es6031d-7596309000, scanner pt 100 pcb es6031d-7596380000, pump switch es6031d-7596369000, indicator pressure 0-10bar es6031d-7596304000, o ring es6031d-7914308000, leak pipe es6031d-7437310000, sleeve dn80, pn16 es6031d-7438177000, ball bearing skf 6209 es6031d-7405007000, push rod for fip es6031d-7439819000, shim injection pump es6031d-7439817000, feed valve spring es6031d-7904610000, lock pipe es6031d-7437309000, set of gaskets for hyd motor (mh-114a) es6031d-2703942000, set of gaskets for lub oil filter es6031d-7438678000, o ring for particle detecing filter es6031d-7915267000, lgc surrated pin (bar) g2 6x55 es6031d-7904622000, sealing product glue 1005l es6031d-7903476000, o ring es6031d-7435812000, sleeve dn65,pn16 es6031d-7438164000, silastic-black-rtv-732-5368 es6031d-7534518000, expansion bellow es6031d-7907925000, plunger/barrel assly es6031d-7439802000, two position illuminated on/off red colour es6031d-8191263000, rtd convertor es6031d-8191132000, threshold module es6031d-8191133000, shaft speed indicator (0-1000 rpm) 96x96 es6031d-8191116002, transmitter receiver norm type es6031d-8191615000, distributor iso pnumatic/spring es6031d-8191114000, gasket ek3010b-7536527000, limit switch box ek3010b-7448946000, leak pipe es6031d-7437307000, spring es6031d-7439815000, pr. switch, 4140-c-k-1-e-21-aa0,2.7b es6031d-7552510000, lgc pin ctr 2,5*5 nsf1.62 ek3010b-7426036000, gasket ek3010b-7536528000, distributor iso pneumatic/pneumatic es6031d-8191113000, positioning pin ek3010b-7904623000, rack ek3010b-7904605000, allen screw ek3010b-5007614070, adjusting screw(bar) ek3010b-7904627000, gasket es6031d-8115460000, gasket for plate type heat exchanger es6031d-8172235000, starting air system componets ek3010b-7246175000, expansion bellow ek3010b-7460731000, temp.sensor mbt4-s-130-m18x1.5-ef3 es6031d-7460924000, flange ek3010b-7904613000, injector nozzle assembly ek3010b-2706705000, compression ring es6031d-7902401000, bs ring es6031d-7904117000, barrel cap es6031d-7904608000, tool for cealing automizers holes ek3010b-7956710000, fuel pump filter es6031d-7904625000, bush viton es6031d-7904119000, air starting valve (cyl.head) es6031d-7904030000, telescopic jack for brg cap ek3010b-7956910000, o-ring d135 3d nse6.531 60c7 es6031d-7904121000, strap for piston ek3010b-7952310000, ring d164 3.5d nse 6.531 60c7 es6031d-7904115000, piston ring es6031d-7904006000, roller pin(bar) ek3010b-7904621000, couping flex mast 10011-4 ek3010b-7430304000, hydraulic jack support for bearing tie rods ek3010b-7950310000, injector gasket es6031d-7904118000, inj.pump and pump head extractor ek3010b-7955710000, o ring,ms 29-513/226,21a7,nse 6.531 es6031d-7904010000, o rin
Document Sale To : 7-10-2021 at 16:30 Hrs
Tender Location : Andaman And Nicobar - India
Document Path : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Tender Closing Date : 12/11/2021 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 13/11/2021 at 16:30 Hrs.
Address : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Sub-Industry/Industry : Non Classified - Non Classified   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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